The short sale process can be a long and complicated one. As there are many variables to consider when attempting a short sale, it is important for a homeowner to obtain professional short sale help in order to improve his or her odds of completing a successful transaction. An experienced real estate professional can help a homeowner to complete a short sale in a timely manner that will help the homeowner to escape from a negative financial situation.

Short-Sale-SeattleMany lenders are reluctant to accept a short sale as most short sales will result in the lender giving up some portion of the money owed on the mortgage. However, in some circumstances, there is simply no reasonable way for the loan to be repaid. For this reason, it is often in everyone’s best interest, including the lender, to complete a short sale transaction. A real estate professional who is familiar with the short sale process can work with the lender to convince them settling the mortgage short of the full amount is the best deal possible.

As with any real estate transaction, there are many complicated considerations when completing a short sale. A homeowner who attempts to complete a short sale without assistance may make a serious mistake due to the complexity of the deal. However, an experienced real estate professional can help a homeowner to understand the process and to understand his or her rights and responsibilities in the agreement. By helping the homeowner to understand the contract, the real estate professional can help the homeowner to avoid making a serious mistake.

The Washington Short Sale team has over 30 years of experience in providing consumers with the short sale help that they need to get the best possible deal from their mortgage holder. If you are considering a short sale, or already in the short sale process, give us a call to obtain the professional assistance that you need to help you through the process.

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