As a homeowner, sometimes we get between a rock and a hard place as far as our property and the selling of it. Kent short sales offers an opportunity for the property owner and the financial institution to proactively be working together to find a buyer for the property. Kent short sales gives the homeowner an opportunity to sell the home to a prospective buyer before the home goes through a foreclosure process.

There is a wide array of advantages when deciding to go through with Kent WA short sales versus allowing the bank to foreclose on a home. The first major advantage for the homeowner is that their credit rating does not take the hit that it would if the bank repossessed the home by foreclosing on it. Another great advantage of going through with Kent WA short sales is that there are some government incentive programs for following through with a short sale instead of allowing a foreclosure to happen. With these incentive programs, the government sometimes gives the homeowner as much as a couple thousand dollars to help them out with the moving process.

Even though whether a homeowner decides to go through with a short sale, or allows for the bank to foreclose on their home, they lose their property, a short sale allows the homeowner a bit more say in when and how they move out. When a foreclosure happens, the homeowner is ordered out of their home immediately. All in all, even though the homeowner loses their property, with short sales, their pride is still in tact when they leave their home for the last time.

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