Bothell short sales are one of the best new ways that the average person has to create profit out of the sliding real estate market. Even homeowners who are in direct danger of foreclosure now have a viable alternative that can give them money in their pockets and freedom from debt.

In Bothell WA short sales, the homeowner will work directly with the bank to find a solution that is feasible for both parties. It avoids the legal hassles of foreclosure as well as negative results that such a procedure could bring to the credit report of the borrower.

Bothell short sales borrowers by retaining as much of their credibility as possible. Although the property will still change hands, borrowers will have a much easier time getting a new loan for a new property down the road. They will also retain the relationship with the financial institution that underwrites the short sale. Overall, Bothell WA short sales are a great option for people who feel as though they have no way out.

Working with a financial institution towards a short sale is easier than you may think. The process can usually be started with a phone call to a bank teller, who will then direct you to the appropriate party.

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