Kent Short Sale benefits with Washington Short Sale Team

Are you contemplating a first home purchase? Buying your first place can be one of the most stressful, expensive, and rewarding experiences of your life. When searching for new houses, many potential homebuyers are shocked to discover the cost of available homes in their desired neighborhoods. Dejected, they are forced to choose other, less expensive, locations to continue their home searches in. If you’re struggling to find a beautiful home you can afford, consider looking at Kent short sale. You might be surprised at the benefits this type of property offers. For more information on the short sale process or a short sale in Kent Washington, contact Washington Short Sale Team at (206) 852-7026.

kent-wa-short-saleWhen homeowners determine they can no longer afford to make their monthly mortgage payments, they have some tough decisions to make. They can wait for a lending institution to foreclose on their homes. Or, they can try to convince a lender to allow them to list the property as a short sale. In a short sale, the proceeds from a homebuyer typically fall short of the amount of money a homeowner owes to a lender. In order to forgo the added costs of foreclosing on a property, the lender agrees to accept the discounted funds from the short sale. Often, a homebuyer can purchase a larger, more upscale home by purchasing a short sale property. By buying short sale houses, homebuyers can often purchase homes in dream neighborhoods they would not be able to afford otherwise.

If you’re interested in looking at short sale properties, you may wish to hire a professional real estate agent. This is especially the case if you’ve never purchased real estate before. A real estate agent might be able to show you short sale homes you would not have access to on your own. This individual can also help you through the stressful negotiating and closing processes. With a short sale, a lender must agree to the selling price. So, the negotiation phase of this type of home sale is different from the negotiation process of a traditional home sale. For some people, the choice is obvious. By choosing a Kent shorts sale, you are able to purchase homes that you will enjoy for many years to come. One might even find and buy their forever home. If you feel a short sale might be the right purchase for you, contact Washington Short Sale Team at (206) 852-7026 and speak with a short sale specialist.

The Kent Short Sale Process and the Benefits to Buyers
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The Kent Short Sale Process and the Benefits to Buyers
For more information on the short sale process or a Kent short sale, contact Washington Short Sale Team at 206-852-7026.
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