Stop Foreclosure in Seattle and Save Your Credit
While your credit may need help due to late payments, foreclosure can ruin it for many years. This is why you must stop foreclosure in Seattle if you can. If you find yourself unable to make payments on your mortgage and your home appraises for less than you owe on it, you may think there is no other option. What you may not know is that you can stop foreclosure in Seattle by enlisting the help of the Washington Short Sale Team.

One of the best methods of stopping a foreclosure is to put your home up for sale after getting approval for a short sale. Most lenders will agree to a short sale because a foreclosure property can sit empty for a long time. This leaves the property at risk for damage from natural elements and vandalism.

For the homeowner, a short sale is the solution for saving their credit. While you will not receive any money for the sale of the home, it does allow you to sell the home for less than what you owe on it and the lender will forgive the difference. It may still take time to remove those late payments from your credit report, but this solution prevents you from have such a big negative mark against you.

You could also try to find a buyer for the home yourself, but selling a home quickly is most likely not going to happen. Buyers today are resourceful and most like to peruse many different homes before they make their decision. If you do already have someone interested in your home and they are willing to pay the full price of what you owe on it, keep in mind that if it does not appraise for the amount they are borrowing from a lender, the sale will most likely not go through.

For many people, the Washington Short Sale Team offers the best solution. They can stop foreclosure in Seattle on your home and allow you to get back to focusing on you and your family. They can help to give you the fresh start you need.

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