Short Selling Your Home Can Benefit You

  • NO COST to You – FREE!
  • Limited Credit Damage
  • Walk Away with ZERO DEBT to your Lender
  • We handle all aspects of your Short Sale and your privacy is 100% guaranteed
  • FREE Attorney Consultation
  • Find out how to receive a $3,000 homeowner relocation credit


Short Sale Your Renton Home with NO Deficiency

If you are looking to short sell your home with no deficiency, Renton short sales can work with your lender to make that happen. For people who are having difficulties making their mortgage payments on time, Renton short sales might be just the answer to keep your credit score from dropping any further. Many Renton short sales often result in no extra taxes on the forgiven debt, and fees are paid by the seller’s bank so there are no additional costs for you.

Short sales in Renton can help you negotiate the sale of your home in a timely manner without owing anything more to your lender. Don’t go down the road to foreclosure. Let Renton short sales help you get out of debt quickly and legally.

Even those with multiple mortgages on their home can take advantage of a Renton short sale. Renton short sales specialists work with your lien holders to ensure that you will not encounter any deficiency fees or future deficiency judgments.

Late and missed mortgage payments can wreak havoc on your credit rating and plague you for years to come. Many people may not realize that you do not have to wait for your home to go into foreclosure before looking into Renton short sales. Short sales in Renton can allow you to sell your home before your credit is destroyed. The better your credit rating, the better able you are to buy a new home later.

Beyond saving your credit, a Renton short sale could also result in tax exemptions and relocation incentives offered through the federal Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative Program. Be sure to ask your Renton short sales specialist about HAFA benefits.

If you have questions about whether or not short sales in Renton are right for you, you can have a free consultation with a real estate attorney. Many people find this to be very helpful in understanding the Renton short sales process, and the responsibilities and rights of the home owner.

With all of these opportunities available to you, it is pointless to let mortgage debt bring you down. Renton short sales specialists can assist you with selling your home with no deficiency, and all at no cost to you.