A Parkland Short Sale Could Be the Right Choice for You

Many homeowners that are threatened with foreclosure find relief through the use of a short sale. Short sales benefit homeowners, lenders, and potential buyers by reaching a settlement that is acceptable to all parties. Homeowners can settle their debt problems without having to pay a cent. A short sale leads to minimal credit damage, as opposed to the severe credit score blow that accompanies foreclosures. Many banks are willing to listen when a short sale is offered. It saves them time and money compared to filing a foreclosure. Struggling homeowners in Parkland Wa should consider making a Parkland short sale. For more information on a foreclosure or short sale in Parkland Wa, contact Washington Short Sale Team and speak with an attorney for a free consultant (206) 852-7026.

parkland-short-saleIf you are a Parkland resident, you can trust the Washington Short Sale Team to handle all of your needs. We offer free consultations. Our representatives are experts when it comes to anything having to do with the short sale process. Our group is composed of licensed professional negotiators. We are always discreet and guarantee your privacy.

Along with saving your credit, there are many other advantages to a Parkland WA short sale. You pay nothing, so there is no financial risk at all. You may also be eligible to receive a homeowners relocation credit of up to $3,000.

Call us today at 206-852-7026 to set up an appointment as soon as possible. We value our clients and work hard to fight for your interests. The Washington Short Sale Team is eager to hear from you! Contact Washington Short Sale Team and see how their short sale specialists can help you with your Parkland home.