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Lynnwood Short Sales AssistanceThe Lynnwood short sales process is not completed in the same manner as a traditional same short sale. You must work with a realtor who understands how short sales are completed, and the lender who financed the house must approve of the short sale. The steps listed in this article explain the process by which a short sale comes to be for both parties. Looking for help with your short sale in Lynnwood Wa? Contact Washington Short Sales Team at (206) 852-7026 and speak with our talented specialists who are happy to help to give Lynnwood short sales assistance.

  1. The Approved Price

    The realtor and lender must come to an agreement on a price for the home that is below the value of the home. The short sale is a way for the homeowner to get out from under the loan without paying the full amount. The lender must excuse the balance of the loan left after the sale, and the agent must have a pre-approved price that will be used with all buyer.

  2. Very Little Negotiation

    Negotiations involve the lender during a short sale. The lender is agreeing to write of a portion of the balance on the house, and approvals for new prices must go through the lender. No one has time to turn to the lender every time a new price is agreed upon, and the one price the lender agreed to if often the only one that will be allowed.

  3. Closing

    The closing agent must work with an attorney who completes short sales for their clients regularly. Short sales must be drawn up with different paperwork, and the short sales must have special documentation releasing the seller from liability for the balance left on their loan.

  4. Marketing

    An agent must market a home up for short sale just like any other. The buyer must not get involved in the pricing and legalities involved with the house. The buyer pays for the home in their own way, but they have nothing to with the short sale itself. Agents who market homes properly will garner many interested parties who are not necessarily aware that the home is being sold for less money than it should.

These four steps for a short sale provide a template for everyone involved in the sale. All parties involved will get through the sale quickly when the agent helps everyone work together. With our Lynnwood short sales assistance we can  help sellers get away from their house, and the sales save buyers considerable cash during closing. For more assistance with your short sale in Lynnwood Washington, contact Washington Short Sale Team at (206) 852-7026 and speak with a short sale specialist.

Lynnwood Short Sales Assistance
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Lynnwood Short Sales Assistance
For more assistance with your Lynnwood short sales process, contact Washington Short Sale Team at 206-852-7026 and speak with a short sale specialist.
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