We make an Everett Short Sale Easy for Everett Residents

Now you don’t have to let your house go into foreclosure. Washington Short Sale Team can help with your Everett short sale. Washington Short Sale Team will help you sell your home with no deficiency and no fees. Why not see if you qualify for short sales in Everett Washington today? Contact Washington Short Sale Team at (206) 852-7026 and speak with a train specialist about the short sale process.

everett-short-sale-waAt Washington Short Sale Team an Everett short sale specialist will handle the negotiations with your bank to enable you to leave your debt behind confidently, without having to worry about a future deficiency judgment or foreclosure. Those with difficulties paying their mortgage might choose to see if they qualify for short sales in Everett, keeping the damage done to their credit down to a minimum. All fees are paid by the seller’s lender, so the process is free.

You Don’t Have to Face Foreclosure Everett Residents

Many loan holders understand that missed or late payments can destroy your credit rating, and this also applies to home loans and mortgages. Don’t wait until you default on your loan before you begin to look into Everett short sale. If you keep your credit from dropping too much, you will have an easier time later once you are looking at buying homes again.

  • NO COST to You – FREE!
  • Limited Credit Damage
  • Walk Away with ZERO DEBT to your Lender
  • We handle all aspects of your Short Sale and your privacy is 100% guaranteed
  • FREE Attorney Consultation
  • Find out how to receive a $3,000 homeowner relocation credit

Even those who have taken out multiple mortgages on their house may be able to qualify for the Everett short sale process. Washington Short Sale Team specialists can remove the hassle from your life by taking on the responsibility of working with your lenders to get your home approved for a short sale, all with no deficiency.

If you have any questions about the short sale process in Everett Washington, you are welcome to take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney. Speaking with an attorney can help you to understand why an Everett short sale might be right for you, and can make you feel more comfortable with the process as a whole.

everett-short-saleFurthermore, you may qualify for some additional incentives offered by the federal government. The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program, or HAHFA Program, allows many people who qualify for an Everett short sale to also take tax exemptions, as well as provides relocation funding once you have closed on your home.

Allow Washington Short Sale Team to help and see if a short sale could be your way to a life free from mortgage debt. See if you qualify for short sales in Everett Washington, contact Washington Short Sale Team at (206) 852-7026 and speak with a trained specialist today!