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Many people may not know the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale. In Washington short sales, both the property owner and the financial backer are on the same side, looking for an acceptable buyer who is willing to pay an amount that is agreeable to all parties. With this method, the home can be sold before it is foreclosed on. This means less hassle for everyone, and each party walks away from the sale with some sort of benefit. The buyer gets a new home at an affordable price; the lender recovers the money they initially invested, and the home owner does not have to go through a time-consuming credit-killing foreclosure. For more information on a short sale Washington State or the short sale process Contact Washington Short Sale Team and let our trained specialists assist you in your short sale process (206) 852-7026.

A foreclosure happens when the bank or other financial backer seizes your home because you have stopped making payments. The lender then sells the home in an attempt to offset the loss of money that was owed on your mortgage. A Washington Short Sales Team specialist can help the home owner to quickly sell the house so you are able to pay off what you owe. The lender will review the mortgage rate and reduce it to a mutually agreeable rate which can be paid off by the short sale price of the home.

Should I Consider a Short Sale in Washington State?

  • Many homeowners have been backed into a corner by property values.
  • For threatened home owners, short sales may be their best option.
  • Is your home worth less than you owe on it?
  • Do you want to save your credit from bankruptcy or foreclosures?
  • We represent homeowners not banks
  • Professional representation from licensed Short Sale Negotiators
  • Find out how to receive a $3,000 homeowner relocation credit
  • We handle all aspects of your Short Sale and your privacy is 100% guaranteed

No Cost Short Sale in Washington State

  • NO COST to You – FREE!
  • Limited Credit Damage
  • Walk Away with ZERO DEBT to your Lender
  • FREE Attorney Consultation

There are very few drawbacks to using a Washington state short sales specialist to sell your home vs. letting it go into foreclosure. Although you end up losing your property either way, you can empower yourself and help your future credit rating by working with your lender to short sell your home. Having a bankruptcy or foreclosure on your record will haunt your financial stability for years to come.

There are many advantages to choosing to do a short sale Washington State. Your credit can remain intact by selling the home and paying off your lender, instead of just giving up and doing nothing while your house is foreclosed on. A deficiency judgment will hurt your credit for many years and may just force you to go deeper into debt. Also, when you do Washington short sales, you are more in control of your own living and moving situation instead of being ordered out of your home by the courts and police. Short sales in Washington State can be your best answer to getting out of a very bad circumstance, and allow you to move forward with pride and confidence.

One final advantage to choosing Washington short sales over foreclosure is that there are government incentives for short sales. Some programs, such as the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program, will offer you up to a few thousand dollars at the close of your short sale. This helps to boost the economy and ultimately helps to save millions in court fees and lost funds. For more information in the short sale process in Washington State contact Washington Short Sale Team at (206) 852-7026 and see how a short sale specialist can help you!

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